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OPPO Reno 3 Review The most unique aspect of there in OAS it’s gotta be its battery and charging now like we saw with the x2 Pro there are two batteries inside to two thousand milliamp-hour battery is totaling 4000 mAh but unlike the real me x2 pro this here supposed 65 watch Superbook 2.0

charging so what’s the difference between 50 watts and 65 well about three minutes there are no s goes from zero to 100 in 28 minutes now compared to the x2 Pro that’s three minutes faster the extra brut of 31 well that’s not a huge difference it’s still pretty impressive since as of today this is the fastest charger available for any smartphone in the market as for the battery life itself there are no age despite being very similar to the real me x2 Pro both

with regards to the hardware and software, I feel it lasted a little longer I’d say it fared about 10 percent better than the x2 Pro I don’t really know why I easily got a day of moderate

use on a single charge with the x2 Pro and I kinda did the same here too with the Renault ace but I just felt like I ended my I mean kind of similar days of use with more left in the tank now if I push the edge with more gaming GP as a camera usage then just like with the x2

Pro I could exhaust the battery in under a day but again given how fast this charges I mean a quick 15 minute charge gets it from 0 to 70 I have no problems with battery here I’m talking about GPS I did use a fair bit when I was riding around and the ACE had no issues locking on and the display here is as bright as the one on the x2 Pro so navigating with the phone mounted on my bike in the day it wasn’t an issue and it seems to be the same panel 6.5 inches full HD + resolution HDR support the tech here is Super AMOLED it’s quite a bright panel it’s got vibrant colors excellent viewing angles just like with the x2 pros display it’s got a small water drop notch up top here’s where we have a 16 megapixel selfie camera this one does a fair job with selfies and even with portraits it does really well the background blur was quite good it felt natural and the selfies came out quite detailed now this selfie camera also helps with face unlock and that was pretty quick and well on the topic of unlock the AMOLED panel here also allows for an in display fingerprint scanner which was rapid fast and accurate in my time with it by the way this display has a 90 Hertz refresh so everything feels smooth whether it’s just rolling through day to day stuff or gaming it all looks and

feels good the stereo audio outputs on squared love the headphone jacks present and I did not regret plugging in a pair of headphones here the output was excellent now, of course, being opus flagship phone there are no aids also comes with welcomes flagship chip for

the second half of 2019 the Snapdragon 855 plus the 855 plus at this point of

time it’s a tried and tested performance so there’s nothing new for me to say pretty much any game pretty much any app it handles well there’s combat little mode within game space to help get the most out of the system resources and almost got their standard software

functions that we’ve seen many times in the past this here is color OS 6.1 on top of

hundred nine pi I kind of wished they’d gone with Android 10 and color OS 7 but it should get that sooner than later now even apart from gaming the regular user experience here it was pretty flawless though color OS has its own fair share of detractors but here on the Rhino is even if you are one of them even if you’re someone who and a fan of color avez I’m sure you’re not gonna mind colorways since the experience here is that God is just so snappy this snappiness can also be attributed to that fast u FS 3.0 storage underneath given opposed only selling the spawn in flavors of 128 and 256 gigs of storage there is no u FS 2.1 version now in case you didn’t know the reason the x2 pro has a ufs 2.1 version is

because there are no 64 gig u FS 3.0 chips more such countries here all u FS 3.0 paired with 8 or 12 gigs of ram the ace sadly has no room for memory expansion just fuel sense and while

we’re here let’s also talk well now one of the things most people would like about the ace at least in comparison with a x2 pro is the logo placement to the back it is more traditional and this is still Gorilla Glass 5 by the way to the front the ace gets a leg up over the x2 Pro it’s got the newer Gorilla Glass 6 barring that the metal in between the 8 point 7 millimeter thickness the 200 gram weight they remain unaffected the dimensions are identical so in hand feel it’s just a skirt as with the x2 Pro one feature I almost forgot to mention is the type C port that you see here not only does it support the super fast 65 watt proprietary super boot 2.0 charging but also USB power delivery just like the x2 Pro let’s quick charge 3 so if you forget a pack or post charger the proprietary one on a trip you can still utilize a regular quick charger and get reasonably fast charging unlike say with a oneplus phone where we’d end up with super slow charging if not for the world charter well the Rhino is is similar to the x2 pro in a lot of ways like this the cameras to the back are a bit different and let’s start with a primary camera so now instead of the 64 megapixels Samsung isocell bright GM one that we saw on the x2 Pro which came with the F 1.8 lens instead we get a forty eight megapixel Sony I am expired six which is paired with the F 1.7 lens here no talk about how this camera on the ACE performs but I’m sure what you guys want to know and what I wanted to know was

also how it performed in comparison in really recommend relative to the x2 pro

so let me show you some comparative samples here and the good lighting conditions there are no as manages to do better the pictures are sharper the dynamic range is more or less similar but the colors appear more natural with Renault now taking a closer look at just

the a suspect chairs they seem great Oh boss seems to have done a good job with the processing at least and a good light there’s no noise and the images are detailed but the real test though lies when the conditions would get more challenging and the low-light

let’s now jump back to the side besides remember both phones are on color OS and hands are using similar nightscape modes but here the x2 pro seems to edge ahead it captures brighter images like I mentioned in the unboxing this is probably due to the Samsung sense of being larger in size the Renault is also has a reddish tint in some images apart from that the detail levels are quite close now looking at just the Asus samples we can see that it does a fair

job the images are quite usable the 13-megapixel telephoto is theoretically and I’m created over the one on the x2 Pro as this comes with the F 2.4 lens compared to the x2 project 2 point 5 but you don’t really notice any major differences this also takes 2 X optical zoom shots that’s 5x hybrid with little loss of detail as you can see here the image still remains quite sharp then that’s 20x digital zoom which again is pretty much marketing the next one is an eight-megapixel ultra-wide and this one is supposed to be a degree wider than the one on the x2 Pro but again that’s just a theory for all practical purposes they’re identical it’s worth mentioning that the wide-angle camera supports nightscape as well as video capture

finally, we have a 2-megapixel monochrome camera and here that helps with age deduction and this is unique to the ACE the portrait mode images turned out well and the edge deduction, for the most part, was on point as far as videos go we can shoot up to 4k at 60fps and Oppo provides electronic stabilization at this resolution itself the footage came out well detailed and stable but if you wanna of the stability, even more, make it seem gimble s then there is also an ultra study option thrown in for good measure this is a 1080p door and comes in with a larger crop you know aggressive stabilization overall this kind of Asus optics pun intended with all that said and done let’s get a pricing this phone currently retails in China the base variant for $31.99 you want that’s about thirty-two thousand Indian rupees converted now the pricing is similar to the x2 Pro maybe a little higher than real means eight 128 but for that extra cost what Oppo is offering is marginally faster charging better display protection a different set of cameras along with a belt that looks a tad bit different dupe there are no air seems to be one of opal strongest offerings to the date it seems like a very well-put-together smartphone it’s not available in India at the moment but if Oppo does end up launching it here

especially given their offline might this might just be a killer option not just in India for that matter it’s a killer option regardless of which market it launches in that’s how well put together this phone seems, and that’s my take on the Rhino is what do you think this is a phone that interests you is this something that you’d like to see Opel launched in India or do you feel.


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