MediaTek Helio p65 vs Qualcomm Snapdragon 712



MediaTek Helio p65 vs Qualcomm Snapdragon 712

so if we compare helio p65 vs snapdragon 712 .first we will see the processor architecture

Snapdragon 712 is built upon 10 nm processor, and helio p65 is built upon 12 nm for architecture, the lower the number the better the result is it will be more battery efficient, more performance increase and less heat generation in this regard, sd 712 wins both are octa CPU both processor has 2 a75 cores

and the other 6 cores are a55 but the two high-performance cores of sd 712 is clocked at 2.3 GHz

and the max frequency of helio p65 is 2.0 GHz according to processor speed, sd 712 wins 712 has Adreno 616 which is clocked at 550 MHz and helio p65 has mali g52 which is clocked at 820 GHz

on paper, helio p65 has better frequency but according to actual gaming test, it seems the gpu on sd 712 has lower frequency but the gpu score is more than helio p65 but one thing where helio p65 is really great, is its A.I. score sd 712 has many A.I. features like auto scene detection and many but helio p65 has dedicated A.I. chip the ai score of helio p65 is 30% higher than the processor of same price range in ai department, helio p65 wins sd 712 supports dual 16 mp or single 32 mp camera but helio p65 has support for 48 mp camera means in terms of camera compatibility, helio p65 wins sd 712 has lpddr4x ram support upto 8gb and it has UFS 2.1 storage support to ufs 2.1 is a good quality internal storage option which increases the phone read and write speed in this regards, if we compare to helio p65 it has support for LPDDR3 or LPDDR4 ram support only it doesn’t have support for LPDDR4X ram support it doesn’t have ufs 2.1 support too it just has support for emmc 5.1 that means in terms of ram speed and internal storage speed, sd 712 wins if we talk about upload and download speed, the download speed for sd 712 is 800 mbps because it has cat. 15 modem and its upload speed is 150 Mbps because it has cat. 13 modem if we talk about helio p65, the download speed modem is cat. 7 only and upload modem is CAT. 13 so the download speed of helio p65 is very lower

SD 712 has tri-band wifi support these were the internal specs if we talk about ANTUTU and GEEKBENCH score, sd 712 has 179k ANTUTU score helio p65 has 145k ANTUTU score if we talk about GEEKBENCH score now, in terms of single-core, sd 712 wins its single-core score is 1800

helio p65 got 1700 but according to multi-core score, helio p65 is slightly better so, if we analyze the overall comparison helio p65 is better than sd 712 in only 1 department that is the AI score which is 30% more than other processors but in every other department, sd 712 is better it beats helio p65 in every department hope you understood which CPU is better and why…


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